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Welcome to our Acrylic Paintings Archive Gallery.

The images in this gallery are a portion of a larger body of work in acrylic and acrylic/mixed media/oil crayon. You are invited to visit this gallery often to see new additions as they become available.

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Rodeo Sisters

acrylic on canvas 36” x 48”

Apolonia had a wonderful sense of humor. Rodeo Sisters depicts Native Women dressed in finery to go dancing. She intended the pronunciation to be (Ro-day-0), indicating the Native Women were as well dressed as Women who shop on Rodeo Drive.

Feather Rush

acrylic/mixed media on canvas 48” x 60”

Capturing the experience of Indigenous dancers during The Gathering of Nations.

High Kamamul’s Cure

acrylic/mixed media on canvas 48” x 60”

This painting was completed in the last year of Apolonia’s life. As a Traditional fishing woman she understood the strong connection between Eagle and Salmon; painting the power of Eagle medicine to protect her family. This painting won the People’s Choice Award in the Nch’I-Wana 2007 Native art exhibition at the Columbia Center for the arts in Hood River, Oregon.

Warrior Guardians

acrylic & oil crayon on paper 22” x 30”

The image of warrior guardians is currently used as the logo for the Kah-Nee-Ta Gallery of Art located at the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort & Casino in Warm Springs, Oregon

Red Guardians

acrylic/mixed media on paper 22” x 30”

Dreams are True

acrylic on canvas 48” x 60”

This image was used by the Museum at Warm Springs for the Tenth Annual Huckleberry Harvest brochure. August 2005

Tlxni (Falls of a Woman’s Hair)

acrylic on canvas 48” x 72”

The Artist depicts her Mother Lena Tewee Santos and herself fishing from their traditional fishing scaffold at Tlxni on the DesChutes River.

The Wish upon a Falling Star

acrylic on canvas 48” x 60”

The Artist examines our connection to the world of Spirit and our own manifestation as Spirits in the flesh.

Gathering at Full Moon’s

acrylic on illustration board 30” x 40”

Susana created this work to celebrate the strength and commitment of the Healers who visited her during the time of her illness.

Stands His Ground with Back-up

acrylic/oil crayon on paper 22” x 30”

This playful work is to honor the courage of the Native youth who attend the yearly ANPO celebration on the Traditional homelands of the Tygh.

Warriors Point Team

acrylic on paper 22” x 30”

Painted Hills

oil/oil crayon Môn print on paper 18” x 24”

Susana painted many renditions of this mysterious land in the Ochoco Mountain area.

Rodeo Sisters Feather RushHigh Kamamul's CureWarrior GuardiansRed GuardiansDreams are TrueTlixniThe Wish Upon a Falling StarGathering at Full Moon'sStands His Ground With Backup Warriors Point Team

“I work primarily in two art mediums: painting and sculpture. I paint on canvas and paper in oils/acrylic and mixed media. I often use natural earth pigments that I quarry out of the ground and crush to make my paints. I also use the stones and crystals gathered from the lands of my ancestors”

— A. Susana Santos

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