Serigraphs Defined


About Serigraphs

Serigraph (Silkscreen Printing) is a complex stencilling process using a fine mesh of polyester or nylon material that is stretched tightly across a frame. A separate screen is created for every color that exists in the original drawing of artwork.

Susana drew the art work on archival paper and then laid acetate over the paper and cut the portion of the image for each specific color to be used. These multiple sheets of acetate were individually burned into the nylon mesh on a frame.

For each screen, selective areas of the screen are blocked out with filler, while the other areas where the color is to be placed on the silkscreen paper, are left open. The colored ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee, only passing through the portions of the mesh that are not blocked by the filler. The paper below accepts the print and an image is built up.

Screen prints are often made with 40 or more colors. A silkscreen can be recognized by the boldness and evenness of color.

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