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Welcome to our Serigraphs Archive Gallery.

These serigraphs (silk screens) were done in the traditional Japanese style of printmaking by the artist Apolonia Susana Santos.

Susana studied print making at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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27" x 30" serigraph on paper

Apolonia Susana’s Grandmother.

Sovereign of the Mountain

22” x 30” serigraph on paper

The Sovereign stands in the Full Moonlight protecting Wy’East (Mt. Hood).

Dance Me Our Sisters' Song

22” x 30” serigraph on paper

This image was used as cover art for the 21st annual “Protecting Our Children” brochure for the National American Indian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (NICWA) April 2003.

Seed of the Sower

22” x 30” serigraph on paper

During a visit to Big Mountain, the Artist was inspired by a Native Elder making fry bread.

Winter Count Came Coyote

22” x 30” serigraph on paper

Spirit of Coyote (the trickster) joins Warriors as they prepare for battle

War of the Dog Soldier

22” x 30” serigraph on paper

This image depicts Dog Soldiers, the first men to advance toward an enemy.

Wasco Nights

15” x 22”serigraph on paper

Wasco Elders in traditional dress dancing at Full Moon.

Wasco Drummers

15” x 22”serigraph on paper

Wasco Elders drumming in ceremony

Tlxni (Falls of a Woman's Hair)

22” x 30”serigraph on paper

This print contains 36 colors. Tlxni is the traditional fishing site of the artist's family and members of the Tygh Band.

Let Us Spawn

22” x 30” serigraph on paper

The artist creates the Sockeye to call out their survival plea.


22” x 30” serigraph on paper

The border of this print include a graphic design by the artist and her rendition of a pictoglyph from the John Day River area.

Taktwipum (Susana's Grandmother) Sovereign of the Mountain Dance Me Our Sister's Song Seed of the Sower Winter Count Came CoyoteWar of the Dog SoldierWasco NightsWasco DrummersTlxniLet Us SpawnChinook
About Serigraphs

Serigraph (Silkscreen Printing) is a complex stencilling process using a fine mesh of polyester or nylon material that is stretched tightly across a frame. A separate screen is created for every color that exists in the original drawing of artwork.

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