In Her Memory

Apolonia Susana Santos

Apolonia Susana Santos

Apolonia enjoying the day in a forested area above Nch'i-Wana.

Many Things to Many People

Apolonia Susana Santos is remembered by many people who loved and admired her for the many gifts and contributions she made to others.

A Generous Heart and Spirit

Apolonia Susana leaves a large family and hundreds of friends who loved and respected her. Her generosity of heart and spirit touched everyone she met. As artist, activist, community leader and loving friend, she wove these parts of herself into a remarkable woman who always thought of her People and family first.

A Call To Do More

From her signature hats and contagious giggle to her Warrior like determination, Apolonia Susana Santos leaves us all with a call to action to do more, to be more and to find the Artist and Activist in all of us.

As a 2006 Honoree of the First Peoples Fund, it was said of Susana:

“Through sharing her skills and talents with others, especially the youth, she has assisted directly in the transformation of many lives through artistic expression, cultural teaching and by providing valuable information she has learned along her path about caring for our Mother Earth and all she provides.” —S. Balbos, nominator.

Pictures of Susana fishing

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